Friday 17 February 2017

Altered Cigar Box Mini by Corene

Mixed Pastel Tone Magnolias: QVR-029
Pretti Flori Flowers-Pastel Anemone: MKX-326
Mixed Colour Summer Blooms: MKX-257
Foundation White Blooms: MKX-178
White Hellebore Flowers: MKX-192
Off White Chrysanthemums: MKX-117
Blue/Aqua White Chrysanthemums: QVR-006
White Trellis Roses: MKX-682
White Magnolias: QVR-028
White Wild Rosebuds: MKX-100
Ivory Hip Rosebuds: GST-063
Coral Open Roses: MKX-706
Ivory Heart Shape Flat Back Embellishments: GST-027
White Flower Cabochon: GST-154
Flat Back Flowers: GST-167
White Organza Rose Trimming Small: MKX-462
White Organza Rose Trimming Large: MKX-366
White Cotton Lace: MKX-467


  1. This is amazing!! What a gorgeous altered cigar box!! So creative and stunning!!

  2. Corene this is stunning! I love the idea of an mini album in an altered cigar box! This is so gorgeous!