Wednesday 9 September 2015

Wedding cake/boxes

Hello everyone.
 Today I have a wedding cake for you.

Well, it is not a secret that I am a HOARDER.
 Every time I get outside my house, I am looking for something to craft with. 
I have a hole room full of bits and bobs that I maybe can use.
This boxes did I buy on our vacation- one hour after we leaved home.
 My housband has given up on me, I feel sorry for the guy.

You can open the boxes, but the box in the top is glued to the lid under it.

It was really fun to make this cake.

I did use mixed media glue to put on the pearl string.

The glue gun is my best friend- I always use that when I am going to put all on the flowers.

To get the rose trim into the perfect color, I have mixed my own color spray

Top on the cake.

Shopping list from WOC

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Wow absolutely beautiful. Love your project so pretty x