Monday 7 September 2015

Clasess with Wild Orchid Flowers

Hi there !
Today something totally different. I'm not only scrapbooker and Mixed Media artist. I'm also a teacher. I love to make classes and Today I would like to tell you more about my classes with Wild Orchid Crafts Flowers.

Those two classes are perfect for flower lowers, flower addicts and those who really like flowers but don't know how to put many of them in one work to create nice piece ;)

I have made those classes few times but photos I chose to share are from my last small workshop in PoznaƄ - Poland. We always have blast on those workshops cause they are quite easy and relaxing but this time i had also professional photographer Kacper Salomon and he made some really amazing photos for this post.

Color in Bloom

This workshop is very organic. We use only plenty of flowers  and mixed-media.
Perfect workshop for everyone. For those who never "touch" mixed media and want to try and for those who already love this technique but want to learn new stuff. 

Box of Secrets

Those classes are basically Mixed Media Alter art.
I'm teaching how to treat wood , how make interesting colorfully chest for your own personal treasures. Workshop is very feminal, we use lots of flowers I'm sharing my tricks very helpful with altering objects later on. And again Flowers, flowers and even more beautiful Wild Orchid Crafts flowers

And here me and my talented Polish students. I can make classes in polish and in English. If you want me to have classes in your city simply wrote me an e-mail or check out my page to not miss any updates. Soon more workshops with Wild Orchid Flowers coming so stay tuned ;)


  1. Simply stunning!!!!!! I wouldn't mind knowing how to do this myself for my home!

  2. Beautiful. I did a crafting day with my three grandchildren and they did the memory boxes they painted them first and then decorated them with lace and flowers from wild orchid crafts, and to finish a photo was inserted into the glass section at the top with a memorable photo to treasure. They were thrilled with the boxes each one different and have a keepsake forever.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens