Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Keepsake for the tiny leavers

Every year I try to make a little something for the year six class that is leaving primary, they have a little prom and I make a button hole and a little corsage for the girls, it is something for them to keep also as I think primary is the best years for the kiddies....

Here is what you will need for each one, a circle punch I cut out 3, I have a ribbon hole punch and I cut one circle with 2 slits, I use 3 LEAFS, a length of SEAM BINDING and 2 TRELLIS ROSES...

I use wet glue and pop a lot on, I put the 3 leafs in the place i want them to be...

I then stick on the Trellis roses and hold them in place for a few seconds to make sure the glue has gripped them...

I take the circle with the slots in and thread my Seam Binding through making sure I have the same amount at each end...

I add some more wet glue making sure there is some on the Seam Binding too, this is so it doesn't pull out...

I then stick the Trellis Roses on tot he ribbon again holding for a few seconds to make sure it has gripped...

The bottom of it should look like this, I then glue the last remaining circle to the bottom part so that the Seam Binding stays in place and the bottom is tidy...

This is what it looks like when it is finished, these are for little kiddies, if you wanted to do one for an adult, you can use nestie circles and add feather, gems, stamens and so on...

I leave for half an hour or so just to make sure it stays in place and dried nicely...

I tried really hard with this picture to get the sparkle I have sprayed on it, it is really sparkly and gorgeous in real life...

This is the finished corsage and it looks gorgeous...

I have used different coloured flowers and sometimes mix them up I also use different ribbons so they are all different,  thank you so much for looking today biggest of hugs love Pops x x  x


  1. They are so beautiful thanks for sharing!

  2. hiya sweetie
    thank you for sharing how you made these gorgeous corsages
    have a great weekend
    hugs angelique

  3. wat a lovely idea ! thanks for sharing ! Hugs, Marion

  4. What a lovely project and thank you so much for sharing.
    Max x

  5. Thanks for sharing! They are so beautiful!!!! I like it)))

  6. You are so kind, I bet the recipients really love them. Thank you for sharing this lovely project will make some myself.Big Hugs Jo xxx

  7. These small keepsakes are just so gorgeous.I love the look of them, and I´m sure my 7 granddaughters will too, so I think, I´ll give them a try too sometime soon.

  8. Wow, looks great, thanks for sharing !!!

  9. I totally agree about primary school being the best years for kids. Love the corsage, a great tutorial which I think I may adapt for my daughters wedding. Thanks for sharing.
    Kim xXx