Tuesday 10 November 2015

Picnic Box Tutorial

Here I will show you how to make a picnic box. (Scroll down).

All flowers, leavs and embellishments are from Wild Orchid Crafts

Start with a cardstock at 16 x 22cm.
Cut out triangles 3cm from the edges. Fold the cardstock as shown under the picture and glue together. 

Cut a cardstock (A) at 2 x 16 cm.

Glue A on.

Cut a cardstock 22,5cm x 11 cm.
Fold the cardstock as shown on the picture and glue together. 

Cut a cardstock 10,5 x 16,5cm.
Glue it under the box.

To keep the lid shut I attach a magnet as shown on the pictures under.

Outside and inside the box.

Cut out:

Glue on

Cut out:

Glue A on B.

The handle is fastened with a brad after making holes into both the box and the handle.

I decorate with pearl string all around at the bottom of the box and on the handle.
I then decorate with flowers and bling on both sides.

The last thing I do is adding a thin layer of "Frost" and Star Dust.

Hope you like it!


Materiallist from Wild Orchid Crafts:
Wild Rose Pale Pink 3mm QVR-035
Gardenia Flowers Miniature Mixed Pink MKX-275
Trellis Roses Pink Tone 35mm MKX-092
Open Roses 2-Tone Baby Pink/Ivory 15mm MKX-009
Rosebuds 2-Tone Baby Pink/Ivory 4mm GST-010
Pearl Brads Mixed Colour Large MKX-226
Pearls In A Gold Circle MKX-365
Pearl String White 4mm MKX-533
Self Adhesive Rhinestones Pink MKX-516
Rose Leavs Green 15mm MKX-441
Rose Leavs Green 25mm MKX-440