Tuesday 26 May 2015

Box filled with chocolates - And step by step

Today I will show you, step by step, how I’ve decorated this tin can which I’ve filled with delicious chocolate hearts. 
 I have decorated with flowers and rhinestones from Wild Orchid Crafts.
I'v also used  white Pears Stamens.



1. Cut open the bottom of the tin can. 
2. Draw a circle around the can (about 1 cm wider than the size of the can) and cut it.

 3. Cut out.
4. Place the circle shaped paper under the can and draw another circle around the can.

5. Cut around the circle as shown in the picture.

6. Fill the can with chocolate.
7. Glue the circle on as shown in the picture.

8. Cut a circle from a hard and strong cardboard which should cover the bottom of the can and glue this on.

9.  Cut a piece of patterned paper that covers the whole tin can.

 10. Glue on.
If you wish to have a lid on your can this is what you do:

1. Cut a cirlcle 0,5 cm wider than the can. Cut a shred at about 3 cm wide and 1 cm longer than the size of the can.
2. Cut as shown in the picture.

3. Glue as shown under.  Use the same procedure when adding patterned paper.

Now your tin can is ready to be decorated!
Good luck!

Products from Wild Orchid Crafts:
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Rosebuds White 8 mm GST-003
Rosebuds Ivory 4 mm GST-004
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  1. WAUW this is absolut stunning work as usual Randi. Who wouldn´t just love to recieve a can like this? It´s soo beautiful and gorgeous decorated all over.

  2. Its Beautiful ! Thanks a lot for the Step-by-Step !

  3. Brilliant project thanks for sharing the tutorial Love and hugs Carole x