Tuesday 12 June 2012

Hell aint a bad place to be!


Today it's time for some Swedish stuff in the blog for the best flower shop in the whole world: Wild Orchid Crafts! Today it's time for one of my biggest favourites in the musicworld, to take place at my blog. This is the former leadsinger in the best band in the world: AC/DC! I'm totally devoted to the music they perform! 
The title 'Hell aint a bad place to be' is one of my favourite songs with them and I added a subtitle wich says: 'I see you there', ;)

Have a  wonderful day! 

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  1. Very nice layout..made me giggle a little lol..but beautiful hugs Terrie

  2. So pretty! I'm a fan of theirs too:)

  3. Love how this is clean and pretty as well as a bit grunge!

  4. Bon would love this! It looks great - well done :o)