Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Up in the air!

Good morning world!

For a couple of weeks ago was I at my best friends wedding. I had the honour of being her maid of honour and when I get married last year, she was my maid of honour. :) True friendship for more than 23 years. :)

I wanted to make her and her new husband something special so I made this hot air balloon. I took me a LOT of hours to manage and a lot of glue. ;)

Every decoration at the balloon is to find at Wild Orchid Crafts!

Have a wonderful day!


Min väns bröllop gick i färgerna vitt och lavendel.
My friends wedding was in the colour of white and lavendar.

Om man lyfter av ballongen så hittar man en liten ask att lägga en gåva i.


Underneath the ballon there is a box for a little gift.

Ballongen har även fått ett tittskåp att vara i.


I have also made a display box to carry it in.


  1. This is really gorgeous and worth all the many hours of work. I made one for my nieces wedding last summer too, though it ofcause was different decorated than this, but else I think, it´s prety much the same. I hope, they loved it as much as my weddingcouple did. It´s wonderful made, that´s for sure.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Hugs! Mojca

  3. hiya sweetie
    OMG this is so gorgeous sweetie
    perfect colors, and what a work hunni, how do you came up with this amazing project, is this a standard mal or did you came upe for it yourself sweetie, will you please let me know???
    hugs angelique

  4. This is beautiful,what a wonderful gift.:)Jacqueline.S

  5. That is absolutely stunning. What a very blessed bride and groom they were, Lou x

  6. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous! A beautiful wedding gift!! hugs, Marlies

  7. Thanks so much, ladies! :D Anlou, I bought the template from cardcarousel.co.uk :)