Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wild Orchid Crafts blog hop winners

Happy Saturday (it sure is for 3 lucky ladies!!)

The winners of the Wild Orchid Crafts blog hop have now been announced on the three blogs that were hosting the prizes, so pop across to the following DT blogs to check if you are a winner:

Anne Kristine




  1. Well it seems that Anne Kristine haven´t found out, that she has one of the winners yet, as she haven´t posted anything there either saturday or sunday, even she had an entry here today???

  2. Hi I have only managed to find the winner on Kylie's blog. I was also unable to see an entry on Anne Kristine's blog for the hop and also can't see the winner on Malin's either? Or is it me not finding these posts.....? Thanks for offering a hop though, always fun!
    Jane x

  3. I enjoyed the hop but it wasn't easy to find the posts. Most of the links are broken or link to very old posts, like the link to Malin's blog. I have found another winner this morning but still nothing on Anne Kristine's.

  4. I admit, I´m also a bit disappointed here, as I have even put a comment on Anne Kristine´s blog and asked her if she had forgot, but not even an answer from any here about anything, and I had also commented and asked her a question a few days earlier, but that comment has also just been deleted on that day, so I can only asume, that it´s because she don´t bother to answer her followers or care about anything.