Tuesday 3 May 2016

Blue card

Hello everyone!
Today I will show you a blue card.

Thank you!
Have a great day!

Materiallist from Wild Orchid Crafts:
Gardenia Flowers Small QVR-001
Gardenia Flowers Miniature Purple/Lilac MKX-276
Lily Flowers White MKX-232
Tucany Rosebuds White MKX-620
Wild Roses Pale Blue 30mm QVR-022
Apple Blossoms White MKX-625
Engligh Roses White MKX-606
Rosebuds Ivory 8mm GST-004
Rosebuds Ivory 4mm GST-004
Flat Back Pearls In A Diamond Circle MKX-657
Seam Binding Ribbon Sky Blue MKX-486
Self Adhesive Pearls White And Ivory 5mm MKX-322