Thursday 29 January 2015

Altered Wooden Plaque by Vick

Open Rose 25mm (vintage mix) MKX-043
Long Stem Stamen (white) MKX-471
Mixed Hydrangea Blooms (vintage) MKX-678
Spiral Stamen (Baby Pink) MKX-574
Cameos GST-041
Mulberry White Leaves 30mm MKX-450
Mixed Colour flatback pearls in a diamond circle MKX-657
Crocheted Lace (natural) MKX-418
Gardenia (small) 2 tone Champagne Pink MKX-085
Cottage Rose (Rose Pink) 30mm MKX-667
Crown Stickpin (Baby Pink) GST-118


  1. Oh that would look so pretty in my sewing room. I love the pearlized lool of the plaque. You can never go wrong with Wild Orchid craft products.

  2. Aww Thanks so much for your lovely comment Susan, that is a great accolade to me that you think my work is good enough for your room, that is lovely, thank you so much and i hope you got some great tips & ideas from my video, did you see my altered miniature sewing box a couple of weeks back on here? thanks again, hugs, Vick xxx

  3. Just watched your video yo never ever let your followers down
    This plaque is lovely and will Defo look good in your craft studio or indeed any ones home
    You carried on like the trooper you are both in crafting and in life
    You soooooo inspire me Vick thank you. Tx

  4. Hi Vick love your video. Like you I learn easier if shown rather than following a diagram or pattern etc. Love the way you chitter about your mistakes like you say everyone make mistakes,but it is people like you who take the time to show us newbie crafters how to cover them up or turn them into another part of the project. Keep up the good work