Wednesday 27 August 2014

Jar filled with Brownies

Hello everbody!

I'm back with a new project! I have been fascinated by all these jar recipes that I have seen on internet. I think they are so cute to give as a gift, maybe for a teacher or when you go to visit a friend, especially when decorated with of course some flowers by Wild Orchid Crafts.
I have filled the jar with a brownies recipe that I found HERE. This Dutch lady, Marieke, has both the Dutch and the English recipe on her blog and she also sells gorgeous labels to decorate a jar if you want a simpler decoration, you can of course still decorate those with matching Wild Orchid Crafts flowers. She uses a smaller jar so I have multiplied the amounts of ingredient to fill up my liter jar.
The back of my jar holds the instructions that Marieke provides on her blog... in Dutch of course.... but just realized while type this that I should have multiplied the amounts there as well.... oh well, I have it saved so will just print it again and glue over it :).

 The top of the jar is decorated with gorgeous Magnolias and a Trellis Rose. The leaves that I have used are from the mixed package that is no longer for sale at Wild Orchid Crafts, you can still find other gorgeous leaves to use in the store though.
A close up of sweet Margot by Shaky A., as always colored with my Copic Markers and 3D paper pieced.
And the side of the jar where you'll see the layers with ingredients. My layers aren't perfect but I read somewhere on her blog later that you get these better if you put pressure on each new layer with a cocktail muddler so I'll try that next time. Pretty ribbons finish things of. Some of these are from Wild Orchid Crafts but are no longer available.

I hope you like my project. Have a lovely day everybody!


Materials used from Wild Orchid Crafts:
Mixed Pastel Paper Apple Blossoms
Mixed Pastel Magnolias
35mm Pink Trellis Roses
Baby Pink Sweetheart Blossoms
Pink Sweetheart Blossoms (not in store as I type this but you can find them in THIS mixed set)

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  1. Great idea looks brilliant Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x