Friday, 16 May 2014

Do you wanna have some coffee?

Care for a coffee? I love what we in Sweden call "fika". Good, strong coffee with a yummie sandwich or a greasy danish pastry, thats my kind of thing. :)

The background is made with paint from Martha Stewart and a stencil from Tim Holtz. The rosesthe chrysantemum and the pearls are to find at Wild Orchid Crafts.

Dont forget to take a peek in my private blog! :)


  1. So beautiful MAlin, and I can only agree in what you said here, and if you then even have baked that pastry yourself, so you know, it´ll be propped with that greasy filling, then it´s the right way to heaven ha ha ha ha. Maybe I should go in and make one for our afternoon coffee here? Hmmmm

  2. Thanks ladies! It fill my heart with warmths from your kind comments. ♥