Friday 20 July 2012

Yes, I do!

In March I made myself a litte wedding chapell. My mom wanted to have it to celebrate on a wedding this summer. I'll do hope that the newly weds like it becasue it have taken me several of ours to complete. ;)

I have cut out the chapell with help from my Silhoette Cameo and decorated it with tons of roses and leaves. At the top a put a nice pin and some pearl string. Inside, at the floor, have I glued some Organza Rose Trimming and with help from a couple of glass pearls and Divine Twine I have made a swing where I have put some money as a gift for the newly weds.

All the material is to find at fabulous Wild Orchid Crafts, of course! :)

Have a nice summer day and I'll see you!


  1. That is amazingly well done! They'd be daft to not keep it out on display. Of course they will love it. Who wouldn't?! Brilliant is what it is! So beautiful!

  2. This is amazing. Definately a keepsake for the couple. xxx

  3. Wow, this is amazing. It's so beautiful and must have taken a lot of time and patience. Well done

  4. Trabalho maravilhoso, Malin!
    Ficou um espetáculo!


  5. WOW this is soooooo gorgeous and so well done. Ofcause anyone would definitely safe such a masterpiece, else they would be completely insane, and I don´t expect anyone to be that.

  6. soooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!

  7. OMG, this is absolut gorgeous. What a work, so beautiful.
    Hugs, Yvon

  8. Thanks, thanks, thanks! :) You're so kind!!