Wednesday 3 August 2011

Storage Ideas for Your Wild Orchid Crafts Flowers!

We had a special request for ideas on how to store all those gorgeous Wild Orchid Crafts flowers. One of my favorite things next to crafting is organizing! I don't know why, but I love it! haha! Sometimes you need extra help with ideas so here is a few from the design team!

Bev stores her flowers in these containers that you can find HERE!

She lays them on their sides in a cabinet.

I stash mine away in a closet in this!  I roll it out when ready for the flowers. Mine are pretty old, but they are similar to these HERE.

Jacque stores her flowers in these drawers.  She has several color categorized drawers.

Pops uses bisquit jars that you get 3 for £1 from the pound shop.

She also uses little pull down bins.  She chops off the stems on these, and stores them above her desk 

 Well, I hope this gives you ideas for storage of your own.  

Thanks for checking out the Wild Orchid Crafts blog today!

Happy Crafting!



  1. hiya sweetie
    thank you for these wonderful idea's
    i real needed some idea's
    hugs angelique

  2. I have never heard of a scrapbooker or any other crafter who doesn't love to organize...and reorganize over and over! :D
    Thanks for some great ideas :)

  3. Thanks for the ideas. Now that you have a US supplier I am actually getting quite a bit of a collection of your flowers going and have several more on my list to buy. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Great tips here I like all the storage ideas. Thankyou ! Kitty ;0)

  5. Doesn't it look gorgeous all these flowers in matching colours! Makes me happy to see!! Hugs, Frea

  6. Love storage ideas- I have most of my favorite Wild Orchid ones in a Very large Candy jar right on my desk- finally had to put a swivel base underneath so I could access easier.

  7. A woman after my own heart. I love organising and colour coding my stash. I use little business card boxes (collect them from my colleagues when we get issued new ones) and keep my flowers and gems in them colour coded into 8 colours. I also use a concertina box file (the ones that open up like an accordion) to store all my papers in colour coded slots so I can easily find colours to match my theme. I love being organised too. It makes me happy !!!


  8. Great storage ideas, Ladies! I always love to see how others store their supplies. :)

  9. My stash is not as big as these...but I know that now being a guest designer (scrapbooking), I will be getting tons and will be needing these references when I build up my stash!! yummy! I think I will do the color coordinating...they look soooo pretty!! I think they deserve bins and baskets of their own!! hehe...Thanks for sharing ladies!! :) xoxo Jules:)

  10. OMG; I love how all those flowers look sorted by colors! Such a pretty sight...sigh. Maybe someday I will have those many!

  11. Hi, thought I'd share another tip I use to store my flowers. I put them into florists foam, in their colours of course. It makes for quick finding and I get to enjoy seeing them when I'm creating in my craft room. They are not all there but enough of each to work with and I then fill it up when needed. See an image here at Tracy xx