Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Meet Miss Merry- Merry-go-round

Hello everyone, Gunn-Eirill here.
Today I want to show you a carousel that I have made.

The carousel is buildt around a dress form.

The platform beneath is made of cardboard, wooden plank and a home made "Lacy Susan" 
so that the carousel can spin.

It is diffiult to describe this project with words, so I have made a video and a Photo Story.

Photo Story


Beware the shopping list from WOC  goes on and on and on this time.

*Mixed colour
*Dove Grey
*Light Mocha
*2-toned chocholate brown

I think this is all the items that I have used on Miss Merry. Hope you enjoyed the blog post.

Thank you for stopping by.
Big hug Gunn-Eirill