Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ornaments by Lillpiga

For several of years we have had a Christmas Tree in just red and gold. Now, I want one in just silver and white. How hard can it be to make my own decorations? Not hard at all! Just some Gesso, German Glitter Glass and a white ribbon from Wild Orchid Crafts. Here comes the result, my very own ornaments:

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I wish you all a great day!

Red and goldish ornaments of not so good quality.

After one layer of Gesso.

I used small cups for eggs when I painted the ornaments.

After a couple of layers with Gesso I sprinkled them with German Glitter Glass.

Doesnt it looks nice? :)

A white ribbon and voĆ­la! I have made myself brand new and stunning ornaments for my Christmas Tree! :)

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