Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Saint Lucia's Day by Malin ~ Lillpiga

Saint Lucia's Day is the Church feast day dedicated to St. Lucy and is observed on the 13th of December. Its modern day celebration is generally associated with Sweden and Norway plus a few other contries. In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia. In some forms, a procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each.

I have made myself my own crown with candles. Saint Lucia's Day is one of the most beautiful days we have in Sweden and in almost every school and work place, there are a procession with singing girls. I have used wild roses, big roses and Organza Rose Trim from Wild Orchid Crafts.

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Here you can see how it usually looks in Sweden, just for today. :)


  1. WOW - what a beautiful "luciakrona" you've made!!! Hugs, HelenaN

  2. I absolutely ADORE your creation - it's soooo beautiful! Good thinking - the Lucia tradition is worth spreading across the world, it's really beautiful!

  3. I have never heard of this celebration before so thank you for the info, it's nice to learn what customs are kept in other countries.
    I love the crown of candles you have made, it is very subtle and elegant.
    Best wishes Linda